Alix Goes Bowling

by Andrew444


It was a special day for Mrs. Punkin's class. They were about to go bowling at Jane's Bowling Lane. One student, Alix, was very excited! She couldn't wait to go!

Everyone boarded the buses, and Alix was dancing like a monkey. People were screaming at her because she was so wild. She didn't like screaming, but that didn't matter. As the bus parked, everyone rushed inside, grabbed some shoes, and began bowling! Alix was with Beatrice and Clyde, two of her best friends. She entered their names, and began to bowl!

Here is what happened next:

Try 1: Alix 8, Beatrice 9, Clyde 3

549259 bowling lane

Alix is going there.

Try 2: Alix 14, Beatrice 10, Clyde 6

Try 3: Alix 2, Beatrice 4, Clyde 9

Try 4: Alix 20, Beatrice 8, Clyde 5

Try 5: Alix 3, Beatrice 9, Clyde 2

There was a pizza break between these tries. Alix really liked the pizza.

Try 6: Alix 5, Beatrice 6, Clyde 4

Try 7: Alix 15, Beatrice 20, Clyde 10

Try 8: Alix 5, Beatrice 8, Clyde 7

Try 9: Alix 4, Beatrice 12, Clyde 6

Try 10: Alix 12, Beatrice 7, Clyde 3

TOTAL: 88 - 93 - 55

It was a very fun day for Alix, even though she didn't win.


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