by FinnAwesome

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Somewhere in South America, 740 A.D. Two Mayan soldiers were drawing on a big rock disc, full of the days the Mayans recorded. One of the soldiers saw that their was no room and that it got filled up on December 21, 2012. The soldiers went to alert their leader. "Your majesty! The calendar is filled up!" The soldiers cried out to him in unison. "Meh, who cares? It's not that everybody is going to freak out or something." The leader told them. December 20, 2012, USA Everybody who believed in that mistake were freaking out! They were locking their doors and hiding in the bathroom, building protective bunkers, or killing themselves, their families, or their pets! Though a kid named Jerry, knew this was all fake, but when he told them, the believers didn't listen. Next morning, at 9:59 AM. The whole town Jerry lived in was like a ghost town in the Wild West. Then, when it the clock struck 10... ...nothing happened. Jerry then turned on the TV and it was on the news. "Scholars have miscalculated their research and now say that the world WILL end on May 6, 2017! "Here we go again..." Jerry sighed.