Maria Aragon

Maria Aragon

Maria Aragon and Fred Figglehorn

by Andrew444

Author's NoteEdit

This is NOT a real story. It was just made up because the author liked Maria Aragon's videos.


Maria Aragon of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was getting prepared to have a concert in Shelby, Idaho. She had made the wise decision to perform there because Fred Figglehorn, the YouTube sensation, lived there. Maria was going to need a couple of supplies, a microphone for prefection, and a toy for Fred!

Fred was beyond screaming to hear a famous singer was headed for his town. He loved to hear people sing, so he said to himself, "I need a lot of things to make Maria notice me!" Like Maria, he needed some supplies. He had flowers, a confetti jar, and other fun stuff! :)

Maria's plane landed at the local airport. She grabbed her luggage while walking, then ran to catch the bus. She had to pay $0.25 on the bus. So Maria grabbed her flower-decorated vase, and boarded the bus. During the ride to Shelby, she shot a video telling her fans and supporters her excitment inside her. by the time she finished, the bus was at Shelby's performing arts center. Maria gave a tip to the driver, and she went backstage!

"Alright, Fred, let's go," said Fred's mom hesitantly. She hoisted him into the car, and they drove to the PAC. There was a large group waiting to buy tickets there. Fred's mom didn't even have a chance to say bye before Fred joined the ticket line. He paid $1 for the ticket, and went in to see Maria!

"I am so excited!!!" shouted Maria into her video cam. She couldn't wait to go onstage in less than 5 minutes. Most of Shelby was waiting right outside! She was about to sing to them all! Quickly, Maria took a deep breath, ran out, and said in the mic, "Hello, people of Shelby! I am Maria Aragon, and I will sing 'Love The Way You Lie' by Selena Gomez." She cleared her throat, and sung so beautifully over 96% of the audience cried hearing it. "This is beautiful", "I've never heard a thing like her", and "I think I might melt" were the words the audience said as she sung.

"THAT WAS EXCELLENT!!!" yelled Fred when Maria finished. "Yes, he's right!", "I loved it!", "You are talented!", and "WOW!" were the things the audience said. Maria then called Fred to the stage. He said, "I really loved it, Maria!" Maria didn't know what to say. She liked his opinion, and in reply, she said, "It is nice for you to say that, Fred." Fred then screamed and ran home, ready to tell a life changing story!