The Crazy Christmas

by Andrew444


Once upon a time, on December 24, 2011, 15-year-old Violet was getting prepared to set up her Christmas tree. She had oodles of twinkly lights, bundles of gartland, and boxes of pretty ornaments. She slowly assembled the Christmas tree, a very pretty one, until there were lights all over. She suddenly heard a chiping sound, however, coming from the tree! It was a dove with portions of wedding cake all over it, named Noel. "How on earth did you get in there?" Violet exclaimed. Noel squaked how he got tangled in a lady's hair (Mariana's) then flew as far away from the site as fast as he could. "Well, Merry Christmas, Noel," Violet said. "Cerist," said Noel, which meant something like "Merry Christmas, Violet!" Violet and Noel continued to decorate the tree together, and then they decided to bake cookies! They baked chocolate chip cookies, but Noel added a special taste. Violet tasted the cookies and could not tell what was different about them. She later found out that the crazy dove had added a little bit of sugar. But the "little" bit of sugar was actually two tons of sugar! It was so much, the cookies tasted more like candy than homemade cookies! Violet ate only one cookie, but she was so hyper from all the sugar that she decided to run around town and decorate more for Christmas! She ran to Uncle Leon's house first. She climbed his trees and sprinkled ornaments throughout the branches. Violet then ran to Klyde and Susie's tall, but lonely, home. She spread Christmas cheer to their lonely home by decorating their roof with Santa's reindeer. Finally, Violet sprinkled Charlene, Darlene, Marlene, and Arlene's home with snow. The four "-lene's" were very glad to have a unexpected decorater show up. Noel was quite pleased to have an unexpected decorater!