The Funny Wedding Disaster

This is what happens in this story!

by Andrew444


Mariana and Bertrand were two people you would love to see together. They loved each other very much and were planning a big wedding so they could invite all of their family and friends. Mariana invited her Uncle Sam, her parents, her grandparents, and her Aunt Ariana.

Before they knew it the wedding day had already come! Families were coming together, and friends sat down on the seats in the large church. Mariana had planned every detail out and was very excited for a perfect day...or so she thought!

The wedding started normal. Bertrand walked down the isle with two doves in a basket he was carrying. Lovely music was playing in the background and everyone was smiling. The flower girl (Daisy), and Mariana walked down the isle. As Mariana was walking down the isle, the two doves escaped and started trying to make a nest in her fancy hairdo! Daisy was the first to notice the escaping doves. She pointed up at Mariana and said "Pretty birds!" Mariana said, "Thank you!" Then Bertrand looked and said, "No, Mariana, Daisy literally means it!!!" Mariana was confused, until she felt two beaks in her hair!

"AHHHH!" Mariana screamed as she picked up an old man and used him to try and scrape off the birds. That plan failed to work and seemed to nestle the birds in her hair even more! Then the ladies began swooping at Mariana's hair. All the bridesmaids started swiping at the doves with their boquets. Soon, the men kicked in the swooping. Mariana ran out of the church yelling and kept trying to bat the birds out of her hair! Before long, even the guards were trying to get the doves away. Finally, Daisy pulled out some birdseed and set it on the ground. The birds left her hair right away and began chowing down! "THANK YOU!" Mariana screamed at Daisy. Mariana wasn't happy because the swooping made her look like she never saw a comb in her life!

The wedding wasn't fun at all because of the doves. Mariana and Bertrand were too shocked to even mumur a word. But worst of all, the flowers were destroyed by the swooping. However, things cheered up when the cake cutting occured. Aunt Ariana took a video of the moment. This made the couple happy again, and everyone was very glad.