by Andrew444


Kay was in a macaroni and cheese box. When he came to life, he could feel other macaroni pieces touching him in a dark place. "Where am I?" he said. It was silent after his question until he heard, "You are about to be in someone's cart." That's when he felt the box being dragged off the shelf and into a shopping cart. He could feel the cart moving as he wondered who was in this dark box with him. Dozens of other mac and cheese people were with him as the shopper threw things like candy and soda into the cart. He felt he would be squished by all the other items, until the shopper got to the check-out. The check-out lady scanned the box, and Kay heard a loud BEEP!. The noise pierced people's eardrums. Kay's box was now in a bag with other items , and he was getting colder as the shopper went to their car.
Mac And Cheese

Kay is in this bowl!

He saw the trunk of the car, then darkness.

He could hear the car start as other pieces of macaroni were thrown into him when the car started moving."AHHH!" screamed the pieces as the car left the parking lot and into the street. As the car came to a stop, Kay feared what was next in this confusing journey. The shopper got out opened the trunk, took Kay's box in, and set it next to a boiling pot of hot water. Kay could feel the steam of the water hit the box as he heard, "We're going in there!" The box ripped open, and Kay was in the hot water!!! Kay screeched so loudly, he catpulted himself out of the pot, onto the kitchen floor. "EW!" was the shoppers' reply. He washed him off, and put him back in the pot! After Kay's meeting with the dirty floor, he didn't think he could muster up enough strength to fling himself back out of the pot. He got so hot sweat was rushing out from every pore in his body, and soon, he felt soft. The more he got soft, the more he felt relaxed in the hot water... and then the cheese came.

The shopper grabbed the pot from the stove, and Kay was screaming as he was flung onto a bowl. He was now drowning in other pieces of macaroni and gooey cheese. "DADDY! THAT"S GOOD!" screamed a little girl, and soon, a spoon ended up in the pot, and the girl's spoon caught Kay! As Kay finally saw the light of day, he was headed towards a HUGE wide-open mouth. "OH GOD! OH..." were his last words before Kay was caught and crushed in the girl's canines!