The theater box!

Theater Box

by Andrew444


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful theater box. It had things from popcorn to a mini dollhouse. These things were displayed at the top of the box. People gawked at the box. A man was in charge of the stand. He would take the money from the people buying supplies, then give them to the customers. Here are some examples of peoples' replies:

"The man is so nice! He gave me a bunch of popcorn for just 25 cents!" --Maria

"Of all the men I have seen, this is the best man ever!" --Miranda

"My daughter got a teddy bear for just a nickel!" --Violet

"This box is so beautiful it made me cry!" --Kate

"The dollhouse is amazing!" --Ophelia

"That man gave me 3 pieces of bubble gum for 50 cents! The box is the only place I'll buy candy at." --Jake

So as you can see, the box is very popular.